Wednesday, December 3, 2008

~happy holidays~

nothing like a 30 days break without any worries. just have to sit back and enjoy the slow moving life that everyone want to have once in awhile. imagine sitting on sand, looking ahead at the crystal clear sea having an ice blended with your shades on. listen to the sea, listen to the the wind blow. as clam as a piece of paper slowly gliding down reaching to a stop. well that's how i feel. in fact for the moment i m a little bored after you find out that there is no direction at all. i will be working soon but till then i shall try to relax as much as i could just for my own satisfaction.

i would like to state that i have never seen KDU college library ever to be this pack. students just kept coming in and finding for a seat just to have the last minutes preparations before entering the door of no return. for now i will say, been there done that! LOL :P hahaha i shall see my college mate next semester. for the close once, EH, come out yam cha la!

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