Monday, February 4, 2008

crystal and ah beng farewell

after shing birthday party i rush to ah beng house for the farewell party. it was just opp sue zen house, called her to see whether she is home anot but too bad she was not home, having dinner with family outside... went in and it was kinda dark so it took me a while to see who is who! saw crystal when over and gave her a hug, shake ah beng hand. sat down join the game (the king get to say anything)!!! it was all fun. XD later on we when to aman suria to yam cha. boy oh boy the 1st time we needed like 3 to 4 rectangle table, had my milo ice and roti nai nai... snap afew pic before leaving... i m going to miss crystal the bimbo! hahaha XD

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