Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ichiban boshi

this was i treat from my aunty for helping her out with the gift she made for her client... she is in the advertising line so yeah. is a cny gift. she made it all by her own!!!

let me show u one of the sample.

i was just there that day to help me take it up and down. it was alot to carry and she needed help so i was there to help her out! way back from kl, it was raining and traffic jam. what do u expect kl to be at around 6 to 7 something plus rain! really jam... so we headed into pavilion to have dinner. i was not feeling very well so cant eat fried and heaty food... so what could we eat? she say is a treat as a thank you for me helping her out. check it out ppl. the food there is all worth paying for u know. i went home with a really full stomach.

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