Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the week after mid term.

PUBLIC HOLIDAY on Monday as it was Wesak Day! well what did i do for that day? hahah u will have have guessed it... hahah i stayed home the hole day. O.o me staying home for the hole day? well i need to rest i guess, not feeling well ah. some one ask me to stay home and rest so i will get well soon. i m getting better anyway.

this very day was my my girlfriends birthday too... XD happy birthday! ! !
went to have dinner. i have to say the food was really really good.

Tuesday, 1st day of college after mid-term! miss peggy! O.O OMG. just kidding, miss peggy is friendly and nice. she gave us 45 min to write a essay ( nothing formal or anything, just like writing a blog or dairy. that's what she said ). i was kinda the last one who finish it...

miss peggy : charlson, i expect a good essay from u ok!

shorty : O.O HAR? oh? miss peggy why?

miss peggy : u taking so long to write it, must be very interesting.

shorty : * smack face* hahah no la...

O.O? DIE ! ! ! !

oh, something funny happen today... in msn! ! !

shorty : jil what time u going to college?

jil : oh erm 1 something lo...

shorty : oh okay okay.

( after like 1 to 2 min of chatting)

shorty : EH wait not right, today class start at 1 wor u going 1 something?

jil : serious? u sure anot? wait ah! OH SHIT. #!$%^%$#% wei how wei? my brother coming back at 12.30 after his class by the time he comes back and all i will be late! ! !

very blur case lol... hahaha jil ah jil. this is what happen after that. i went to her house to pick hr up and we went back to my house and my dad fetch us to college. why i don't drive to college? good question, my mom have to use the car that's y! and yes i don't have a car of my own.

went to the curve after class. had lunch at kim gary. rush like mad just to catch the movie time. after makan, eh no time la. cant watch movie! =.= rush for what like that? haizh potong steam. instead of watching movie, we went to walk around because ivan had to get some stuff... it turn out fine even if we did not watch movie. i really wanted to watch movie thou. did not really took any pictures but we did got a few shots of ivan with his best pose of the month. hahah enjoy.

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