Sunday, July 29, 2007

friday night...

this friday was all a normal friday!!! but more fun hahaha... it started with a kiss... now i got ur attention... during school i was not even in calss at all, as hari koko is jus this saturday... jus skipping class!!! after school i when home took a shower had lunch n when straight to TTDI libary... we were like so cool walk in want to sign den they say u must be a member to go in n stuff : KAMU MESTI MEMJADI MEMBER BARU BOLEH MASUK... SEORANG RM16 SAHAJA,KALAU TAK ADA DUIT BOLEH BAYAR 5 RINGGIT DAHULU DAN BAKINAY BAYAR KEMUDIAN!!!!... what the hell... this is pure bussiness that they are doing! jessie was so unhappy she when to get the comment paper n write about her complain... she even wrote in english when the question is in malay!!! she say must LC them!!! hahaha

what we plan was soon BOOM gone... we skip to plan B hehehe!!! we waited for jacq u come with nick n when to cantre point's McD to do revision there!!! i tell u is a very RANDOM thing to do but we wanted to get started with the work... it turn out quite fun n stupid!!! thats the way i like it... i'm loving it!

when for tuition at 4.20++ hahah... when tuition is at 4.30... tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok, 2 hr later. my dad came n pick me up from tuition n when to pick my sis from school... we were waiting in the car ( jessie n me) den i suddenly ask her whether she feel like swimming anot n u know her always wanting to go out... can but where den i call poh n asked him whetehr we can go to his place there to play water n he tells me that he will be going there to swim too... i was like great... shower n had dinner n waited for time to pass n finally we were there... it was COLD i tell u... pure COLD, is not water!! is COLD WATER... i keep shaking from the COLD COLD COLD water... took me a while to get use to the COLD COLD water... we played find THE THING... n at last we played fish n shark (thats what i call it) den the guard came n say dah nak tutup... so we when to the MEN's room to change n everything... JESSIE was inside with us using the steamer... hahaha XD we were like playing with it, imagine in like 3 to 5 min we can make the room go so so HOT... hahah these are the pic so enjoy!!!

can u see me?

in the BOX XD

the other view!!!

group pic!


the not ready toilet...

poh n jessie...

the pool side...

the door

the entrance!

being stupid

jessie going for it

between the BIG

later me jessie ming wei phang meng when to eat at TOMORROW!!!!! hahah n when home to sleep for the next morning as it is hari KOKO...

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