Saturday, October 6, 2007

SIX of us... 1 goal, HAVE FUN!

friday. PMR is over!!! good for u people... haizh SPM in another less than one month away... anyway we made plan to eat at KURA, one world hotel, japanese food... we say be there at 12.30 but turning up they were all not ready... hahah GIRLS :/ fu xuan join in at the very last min n it was crazy in there!

let me show the inside of the place... jessie was taking pic the moment we step in!

the menu. it all started with i cup of green tea...

we started to order>>>>

while waiting? what u think girls, CAMWHORE!!!

the food was HERE!!!! YUMMY....

this is what i n jessie ordered

what do u think? hahah looks like there is enough for like another 4 more!!!

after that when to the toilet n guess what happen?

too much green tea!!!

we had so much fun!!! i mean like all of us just keep making jokes n stuff... we even when to TOY ARE US n play with the lego there, competing n see who could build the highest tower... :/

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