Monday, April 13, 2009

make my day

Easter a day to remember...
let me just tell what is about Good Friday and Easter.
this is just very brief and if there is any mistake, sorry ya. :P
Good Friday is the day Jesus died on a cross for our sins.
Easter is the day Jesus came back to life after 3 days.
i do not want to elaborate too much in case of huru-hara later on.
anyway this day was a day to remember because on this day, my parents made my day! haha i finally got something i wanted and now is one down and one more to go... i really cherish it.
i shall put it in maximum use soon enough. thanks dad and mom for it. :)
my 4th semester is heading for the 2nd week now and is kinda boring for having the same lecturer for 3 semester in a roll, teaching different subjects. is not the subject but how the lecturer discuss things just kill me / us.
have to hold up no matter what. my next post will be something into the classic where my good friends or pals will be killing me. hahahah till then, keep coming in ya.

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